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A feed of newly updated and free public releases of adult games from their creators on Patreon.
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Aug 10 2019 07:00 am

Straight v0.16.2 Public Release!!

Yo, So after forever, here's the new public release of version v0.16. So a couple things to note in this version that's going to be different than the previous ones: 1) Most noticeably, there's only t...

Wizards Adventures

Aug 10 2019 06:07 am

Version 0.9 free (Update)

Good evening, dear readers, updated the free version, fixed minor errors in it, also opened one of the previously closed scenes. I'm working on version 0.10, plans to make it even better than it was b...

Forgotten Paradise

Aug 09 2019 09:00 pm

Forgotten Paradise 0.13 for Public

Hey everyone! Welcome to version 0.13 of Forgotten Paradise. Overview: ~250 rendered images (including the animations). New sex scenes include: A Netorare scene(choice appears only if enabled from the...

High School Of Succubus

Aug 09 2019 04:59 pm

New version 1.27!

New version 1.27! Previous week patron only patch is becoming public now. Events: - Ash wants another round of their game (Café) - Sex with Steve in library - Helping Viki to earn money to make cospla...


Aug 09 2019 03:33 pm

Transfigure .88 is now public

New Mitch endings and Julie content.

Daughter of Essence

Aug 09 2019 01:22 pm

New Release: Version 0.95!

Hello! I have a new weekly build, as well as a hotfix for the latest alpha build available. This week has mostly been spent working on a lot of different cutscenes and preparing for the transition int...

Noemi's Toscana Rebirth

Aug 09 2019 06:22 am

Noemi’s Toscana Rebirth (NTR) v0.3 – “Fight Back!” (Public Release)

Hey there, all our fans in the public realm, it’s time for some more special steps in Noemi’s shoes as we aim to get into her pants! It’s been awhile, but it’s time to let y’all have a taste of our ve...

Project Hot Wife

Aug 09 2019 05:32 am

Public Version 0.0.7

Hey guys, This is the public release of version 0.0.7 Scene routes: - Photoshoot - 2 routes - Home Evening - 3 routes - Boutique - 2 routes Release notes: - about 190 new renders. - version is compres...

Game of Life

Aug 09 2019 05:02 am

Public release - 0.9.2 (Bugfixes)

Hello everyone! Please see the links below for the public release of version 0.9, currently at 0.9.2. Changelog: * Notes - Updated most of the notes, need to finish the rest. Ditched  most of the char...

Tentacles Thrive

Aug 08 2019 01:57 pm

Public release Tentacles Thrive Alpha v4!

Be aware that old saves are is not compatible with v4. Downloadable versions Newgrounds Public v4: 3 New Mating Scenes (Slime Eye, Oturo, Nodder) 3 New post-5th-scene graphics (Skitz, Harska, Slime Ey...

Milf's Resort

Aug 08 2019 01:29 am

Build 5.1

Hey guys! Sorry for delay. At my job in July, we got a nice contract, and as a result there was no time left for the game. That was the last time I announced the release date.   Please do not ask abou...

Lab Rats 2

Aug 08 2019 01:08 am

Lab Rats v0.19.1 Release

Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1 is live! Download it here! PC: Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1-PC Mac: Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1-Mac Android: Lab Rats 2 v0.19.1-Android After a week of bug testing by patrons I am excited to release v...


Aug 08 2019 12:31 am

Unyielding public

La Bête

Aug 07 2019 10:20 am

La Bête Version 10 - Public Version!

---- DOWNLOAD HERE ---- (If you are a patreon, remember to get the Patreon version and vote on the next animations!) Version 10! Can you believe we actually have 20 characters in? Pretty neat! This ve...

The Intoxicating Flavor

Aug 07 2019 12:54 am

The Intoxicating Flavor 0.3 for Free

English Google Mega Mac Google Mega Русская Google Mega Mac Google Mega 1782 images. 45000 words. 91 sounds. 1782 изображения. 45000 слов. 91 звук.

Acme of Abyss

Aug 06 2019 11:32 pm

0.15 released!

Hello! 0.15 is ready. Links: full build, lewd build and the early access What's new? A new scene and a bunch of little things. And most of the test animations are now available in the public version. ...


Aug 06 2019 07:58 pm

Public Content Update and Winner of the Sprite Poll!

Hello everyone, hope you're having a good day. Got our background artist working on a new background! The Karaoke Room that you go to when walking around. It will also get a silhouette variant with th...

The Exile of Aphrodisia

Aug 06 2019 07:12 pm

Release V0.1.15.6 [Files]

New graphics: - Pregnant Dragoness by BeingObscene - Rose Alraune by BeingObscene - Frankenstein Bride by BeingObscene - Female elf guide to faun bard player transformation sequence by Vjeol New encou...

Erolon: Dungeon Bound

Aug 06 2019 04:11 pm

Erolon: Dungeon Bound 0.06a-Alpha Public Release

Erolon Dungeon Bound Version 0.06a is now available for everyone to enjoy! 0.06 introduces the brand new Mountain Dungeon to explore and conquer! In addition, the Cleric is now a playable party member...

The Repurposing Center

Aug 06 2019 01:22 pm

The Repurposing Center (public) 0.3.15(a)

Hey everyone, and welcome to a new weekly (attempted at least) public build. This current build is currently at 831,547 words, and 1395 passages, so  over 50k new words since the last update (and a de...

Life's Madness

Aug 06 2019 07:35 am

Version 0.4.5

Hi all! Sorry for long absence, the reason of which were the hardware problems of our 3D-designer. The situation is solved now and the work is in progress. The skilled author of erotic books joined ou...

Jungle Penetration

Aug 06 2019 06:27 am

🎉 Jungle Penetration Public Build 2.1 🎉

DOWNLOAD: Check out the changelog file!


Aug 06 2019 02:12 am

Aeterna - Update v. Public

Hello everyone. Here's the newest release of my visual novel game for the public testers. :) $5+ Patrons can enjoy the newest Patreon release instantly, $1 and $2 patrons can access it 2 weeks after r...

Time Loop Hunter

Aug 05 2019 08:26 pm

New Public Version 0.22.10

About the release: This is a necessary release since some bugs were appearing from holes on early days events. I'm filling most of them now meaning that this a more graphical release than a story rele...

My Sister, My Roommate

Aug 05 2019 06:38 pm

My Sister, My Roommate Update V.14 Has Been Released!!!

Friends, This is the largest update I've ever done and, in my humble opinion, one of the best!  I left you on a bit of a cliff hanger with the last update, and we'll finally get to see how it all play...

The Headmaster

Aug 05 2019 09:03 am

Version 0.4.3 Public Release

Version 0.4.3 is now available to everyone. Please note this is the scheduled public release of version 0.4.3 (relased to my $5 patrons one month ago) and if you've played it already there is no extra...

Long Live the Princess

Aug 04 2019 09:20 pm

Version 0.23.0 - Public Release Schedule

If you're just visiting my Patreon or are a $1 patron, this post is for you. Version 0.23.0 has now been released for patrons at the $5 level and up. Since patrons are given a 1-month head start, that...

A Mother's Love

Aug 04 2019 09:59 am

A Mother's Love - Part Five Is Released For Public !

The wait is finally over! Download the game now and see what happens next! We hope that you'll enjoy this update of A Mother's Love. The game is for both PC and MAC users to enjoy! Synopsis- Your  gir...

Paizuri University

Aug 03 2019 11:04 pm

[Release] Paizuri University v1.1.0~!!!

We've updated the public version of Paizuri University... again~!!! So what's different this time? Everything is now unlockable, including all previously Patron only bonus scenes and images. Now you c...


Aug 03 2019 09:39 am

1.25.3 Release

Hello, here I am with the links to the new and updated Succulence release! Compared to previous updates this is pretty small, but it compensates that with the lewdness(almost all events are pretty har...