Privacy Policy at LewdList

Effective Date: April 23rd, 2019

Last Modified: April 23rd, 2019

This is the LewdList Privacy Policy, if you're interested in your privacy and want more information about how your data is used, this is the section to find out. LewdList takes privacy seriously and give its users a breadth of information on what information is collected, how its collected, where it's collected, and how to control your privacy on the site. LewdList seeks to follow the most up-to-date version of the GDPR, and be in compliance with it. This policy may change in the future, by using this site you agree to the following policy, our terms and condition, and any future updates or policies.

Anonymization/Pseudonymization Data Rights

All analytics data collected by is anonymized/pseudonymized by the following methods; anonymizing IP address by 2 bytes and user ids stored via pseudonym. Please note that this data does not include any content that you post directly to the site, any reviews, user profile, lists, bookmarks or other content you have posted to the site that is publicly accessible. All analytics data is owned and stored by and is not subject to sale, however any analytics data specifically pertaining to a specific game or developer will be shared with them via a developers dashboard to help improve their game. Any data found for a user without analytics data or database, has the right to search, deletion, rectification and exporting to the requesting user within one month. You can contact LewdList at [email protected] to make a request.


All cookies used by this site are 1st party cookies, meaning that all LewdList cookies originate from domains not other third party analytics providers. Cookies are used to transmit session data to the analytics engine and futhermore to make decisions on UI/UX/Features as well as inform game developers of their traffic so they can make improvements to their games. Cookies are also used to maintain session state, to track user logged in status, that do not collect any data but function to make the site usable. LewdList respects Do Not Track options within browsers and any browsers with this setting set will not have data sent to the analytics engine. There is also an option at the bottom of this article to sign out manually for your current session. (Right to Opt Out)

Analytics Opt Out

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