LewdList For Developers

No Censorship, No Hiding Adult Content, No Safe Search

Hi all, I'm the LewdAdmin, I made this site after I was planning an adult game and going through other games for inspiration. I realized how many great games I've never heard of exist out there and decided to make LewdList instead.

LewdList is a place where people can discover your games and link back to you, the devs that made them. I decided to create some tools for devs since I'm using their content on my site and wanted to see if I could provide some value in return, this is mostly basic editing stuff and some basic analytics, I'm down to work more on this later if theres enough interest from everyone.

LewdList does not offer a bunch of publicity at the moment, but I hope that changes in the future and some of the analytics tools come more in handy.

You can find information about claiming/removing your games at the bottom of this page.

Developer Dashboard and Analytics

At the current moment Developer Tools and Analytics are pretty basic, the features currently in the developer dashboard are the ability to edit your game's information, images, genres, and tags so users can more easily find your game. Analytics are barebones but have basic information if you decide to use LewdList as a landing page in a part of a marketing campaign or just want to see your stats.

Current stats available are: unique visits over time, average time on page, bounce rate, visits started on your game page, total views/hits, and total unique visits ( all over the last 30 days ).

If you have input, feature suggestions, or other comments you can email me at [email protected], I'll go over them and add them to my task list. If a lot of devs are interested, I might create a Google Group for comments.

More information on privacy and opting out of analytics

Claiming Your Game

Developers who claim their games, get access to their developer dashboard, get a small boost in their game's ranking, and have access to control all game information if you don't like whats there currently or would like to update it. I'm a little short on time currently but will get to this enmass when I have the time.

To claim a game, create an account on LewdList, email me at [email protected] with your username, then create a public post on your Patreon page with some form of acknowledgement that you are the game's creator with a reference to LewdList, you can also DM me on twitter and I'll check it sporadically. If you don't have a Patreon account of would rather verify in another way, email me and we'll figure something out