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Hey, I'm the LewdAdmin, I created this site after having trouble discovering adult games. I either resorted to scrolling through kinda sketchy websites and outdated posts or visiting sites that censored adult material by default, making it difficult to find games that appealed to me. I kinda liked the recommended games on reddit though, so decided to make a site withs lists of games sorted by popularity that people might enjoy.

LewdList is an uncensored, popularity ranked, searchable, and curated index of lewd games that also makes a conscious effort to support the developers that created them. LewdList prioritizes linking directly back to the creators pages instead of posting downloads.

Why Use LewdList?

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How does this site work?

LewdList semi-regularly scans adult games from souces such as Patreon, VNDB, F95Zone, and other sites to rank games based on popularity. Any new games that popup get put under review to be inserted into the index with some TLC. Given the size of the index not all games can be completely accurate with their tags, descriptions, and links. While I'm going through now to update them, any help via the report/feedback section on the games page would be much appreciated! Games can also be added, removed, and claimed by developers by reaching out directly, for more dev information checkout the developers page.

On Sexual Preferences and Fetishes

LewdList supports a wide variety of sexual orientations, preferences, and fetishes; and is accepting of the community members with them. All fetish material within games/erotica/content is made in the spirit of fantasy, we encourage our users to learn more about their particular fetishes and communicate with their partners in real life for an enjoyable mutual experience for everyone involved. We do not discriminate against having a particular fetish and any hateful speech toward a particular segment of the community will result in a ban or deletion of that user's account. We do not however allow any material, developer uploaded or member uploaded, to contain characters under the United States federal age of consent, 18. For more information view the terms of service page.